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HelloLeads Introduction

Follow-up your leads with HelloLeads


Get and Track leads at the speed of light

Your sales closures depend on how quickly you capture lead information, share within your team and how fast you react to needs of prospective customers. HelloLeads enables you to get and track leads at the speed of light for your entire sales team. This means better speeds and improved conversions.


Improve ROI from your marketing dollars

After spending considerable money and other business resources, marketing heads and sales directors expect a reasonable return on investments (ROI) in the form of qualified leads or new customers. HelloLeads will help you in improving ROI for your marketing spends.


Drive rapid lead response and improve selling discipline

It is not uncommon that business organizations respond to leads met in an expo or on the field, after one week or 10 days or 2 weeks. In the internet and mobile era, this is a long time. HelloLeads enables you to respond to your leads instantly using variety of means – email, SMS, push notifications and improves the selling discipline


Get deeper insights on prospects and leads

Knowing just the customer’s contact details is no more sufficient. You need to learn about buyer’s back ground, insights on his or her social media and organizational details to close a deal successfully. HelloLeads provides deep value added information that can give you and your sales team a competitive advantage. Deeper insights is not just desirable, but must.


Multiple sources. Many people. One repository

Lead data can come from many sources – Field Sales, Web enquiries, Telephone / Cold calling , Facebook, LinkedIn, Trade websites, Exhibitions, Expos and Trade shows. Lead data gets generated by multiple people in the organization. HelloLeads can act as single repository of all lead data thus getting you a full picture of how your business doing.

Value Adding Features



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